Committed to your bowel health and wellbeing

Any kind of illness or health condition brings its challenges but bowel problems can cause particularly high levels of distress and embarrassment.

Many of us feel uncomfortable admitting that we are having problems in this area and this can lead us to make some choices that are detrimental to our health.

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In every type of bowel condition, early diagnosis and treatment offers the best chance of recovery. At the very least, the symptoms will be less severe and, therefore generally easier to treat.

It is common though for embarrassment to get in the way of seeking medical advice for bowel problems until the symptoms worsen. By this point, whatever is causing the problem can be more difficult to treat and, in the case of serious conditions the chances of recovering completely can be reduced.

While this discomfort is natural and understandable, it is reassuring to know that with the right support from specialist doctors, you can lessen or even alleviate your symptoms.

By seeking help you will be taking the first important steps back to good bowel health. You can discuss openly the things that have been worrying you and receive an expert diagnosis and information about your treatment options, whilst understanding more about your condition and how to manage it, or prevent it from returning.

Once your symptoms are under control again, you can start doing things that you may have put on hold since becoming unwell.

Our goal is to help you:
  • Maintain healthy bowels through sensible lifestyle choices.
  • Detect any issues early, so you stand the best chance of successful treatment.
  • Return to good bowel health if you have been experiencing symptoms of a digestive disorder or bowel disease.
  • Manage any symptoms as best as possible so you can enjoy a normal life.
We will:
  • Treat you with sensitivity and respect
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Answer your questions
  • Explain our findings in clear and simple language

Experienced bowel doctor, here to help you

There really is nothing to feel embarrassed about and everything to be gained by coming to talk to a specialist.

The sooner you seek help, the sooner your chances of returning to health and getting your life back on track.